I'm looking for a new love, baby

Tired face.

Tired face.

Checking in from the start of week 11, oh shit Hanson's plan.  Today marked a new beginning.  I'm finished with the "speed" phase of training and on to the "strength" phase.  There's a lot of science behind it but basically it means I'm done with the shorter faster intervals and on to longer repeats that are more marathon-specific.  So instead of Monday's 3 miles of work, I will now have Monday's 6 miles of work.  Hmm.  The key is pace, as it always is with those Hanson's boys.  My speed intervals were at my 10K pace, which is approx 8:55.  Strength intervals are at a specific pace they call "GMP minus 10 seconds."  Goal marathon pace minus ten seconds, which for me means 9:34.  So today I did a warmup mile then 6 miles at 9:34 (ISH) with 400 jog, and another cooldown mile.

It went well - despite the droopiness of my face above - but I had a little trouble locking into the pace.  I think I got used to the pushing-it feeling of my speed intervals and also to the 9:44 regular clicking off the miles pace of my tempo runs, so this in-between rhythm had me a little confused.  I started out too fast on nearly every mile, then had to make myself slow enough to find the rhythm but not TOO much to overcompensate.  Huh.  Still looking for that new love on Mondays.  I'll get there.

In other news, it's freaking WEEK ELEVEN and I'm actually doing this.  I can't tell you how amazed I am, but I'm a little afraid to even write about it because what if I jinx things.  Sure, I have the usual aches and pains and tiredness and some runs are crap BUT... I'm doing it.  There were so many times in the past year where I dreamed of trying this marathon plan but really not sure I could hack it.  And here I am, hacking it.  

In other other news, it seems like all I do is run.  Every day, multiple hours of running.  So many sweaty clothes to wash, so many fueling foods afterward, so many hours of pump up music playlists and audiobooks.  Getting a little sick of the lakefront path, not gonna lie.  My major decision: should I go NORTH or SOUTH.  That's it.  Nothing else changes.  

(I'm sorry, lakefront path!  Forget it!  I didn't mean it.  I can't quit you!!)

Last week: 46 miles. 

This week: 54.  


Today music-powered by (yes, you knew it):