Dawn patrol

Sunrise reward for pre-dawn start

Sunrise reward for pre-dawn start

Most of my runs in the last part of the summer have been early ones.  Way early.  Leaving at dark early.  Getting up in the 4 hour sometimes early.  This is for family scheduling reasons and I'm sure I'm complaining about it plenty at home but the truth is that for all the exhaustion (and the iffiness of running pre-light), I do love what happens when I'm out there at that time.

This sunrise, for example.  I was on the street heading to the lake and the sun was a huge ball of orange fire, a big burning egg, right at the horizon above the lake.  Framed perfectly by the bridge at the highway underpass.  I ran so fast to see it out on the waterfront but by the time I got there it was smaller and higher in the sky.  Still incredibly beautiful though, so I did my dorky running selfie, above.  

It's amazing what you get to see when you're out there in time.

Checking in from the beginning of week 9, Hanson's plan style!  (Oh shit, Hanson's.)  Last week was a good one.  I hit 40 mpw for the first time (looked like I was going to end up at 39.8 and you know THAT WOULDN'T PLAY, so I made my 10 yesterday into a 10.2 just because I'm Type A like that.  You are too.  You're reading a running blog, come on.)  Speed and tempo workouts went well.  Tempo thursday went especially well: it was cool, breezy, and I remember thinking to myself just before I dropped the pace, "this is going to be fun."  And it was!  Yesterday's 10 miler was similarly focused, strong, and I felt good throughout.  Hit my paces exactly on both, without too much effort.

This morning, however: bleh.  5 miles easy.  But those easy runs are so hard.  It's like I gear up for the tough days, get prepared mentally, get my sleep and water dialed in, etc.  And the effort pays off.  For the easy days, I roll out sometimes without thinking too much about it and then they kick my ass.  Today was that day.  I felt weak and shaky halfway through (maybe half a banana wasn't enough fuel), had to walk a bit, and then trotted it in.  Oh well.  It is what it is.

This week kicks things UP a notch.  The long run gets real, gets long that is, at 15.  Plus a tempo on Thursday that I don't even want to think about yet.  

More to come.

Audio-book powered these days by Jonathan Dee's excellent new novel, The Locals.  Check it out.