Lucky for you that's what I like

Marathon training has kicked in for real, after a few wobbly weeks of less-than-ideal mileage due to travel, family stuff, you know how it is.  But I've done two speed sessions and they've gone well.  Better than well: fun!  I often think that I'm still a middle distance runner at heart, and it shows when I do any kind of repeats or intervals, even when I'm doing them up and down the lakefront following Garmin beeps rather than around a track.  I always want to push the pace and it can get hard for me to lock into marathon "speed" intervals as opposed to that old (SO OLD) muscle memory of 70 second quarters, dozens of them, every Monday morning.


Yeah.  So, as you can see, pace is a little different in marathon training.  Hanson's says my speed pace for these weekly sessions should be 10K race pace, so that's about 8:55 for me.  

Next week we stepped it up to 600 repeats except Garmin won't let me program meters so I could either set for .35 or .40 mile.  I chose .35 because I can be a wimp, but in exchange for wimpiness, check my consistency:


These continue to go up in distance until about a mile, I think.  Then I'll switch to "strength" repeats instead of speed.  But for now, it's good times early out on the path.


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