Ten Things I Saw On My Run (4 mi, 6 am, nice and easy, headphones-free)

1. The Firecakes bus.  Whoop whoop!  

2.  One goose dive-bombing two others in a ferocious downward swoop, neck extended, beak wide open.  I didn't stick around to see how it turned out.  Geese, man.

3. The fact that my Garmin was off pace by, oh, a minute or two.  Grr.

4.  A woman wearing the same 2013 Chicago marathon t-shirt as I was.  We gave each other that special nod.

5.  Too many fellow runner folk out there and overdressed.  Come on, people, no more gloves and beanies.

6. The fact that my Garmin, even after switching over to actual pace instead of average, was jumping all over - 8:20 to 11:20 and back, neither of which pace I was actually running.  GRRR.

7.  Two guys doing warm-up strides near the Belmont harbor and a few people warming up for a speed sesh with the CARA coach.

8.  CARA trough: no longer crazy-overflowing.

9.  A woman walking about nineteen little dogs on leashes while holding giant Dunkin iced coffee.  

10.  A porta-john that did NOT have a jokey name.  What is even happening out there?