Tuesday track

Grey and windy today, especially on that back straight.  (Why is it always the back straight??)  One mile to warm up, with a detour for the bathroom - more of a recon mission for future bathroom needs - to a hospital on the inner drive.  Then 3 x 800s with 400 jog.  According to my training plan, these are supposed to be at 5K pace (for the upcoming shorty race I threw in for some Earth Day fun)... problem is, I can't remember the last time I ran/raced a 5K, so I'm guessing.  The various calculators suggest that 9 min/mile is my 5K pace, but if so then I way overdid it on these 800s at 4:18, 4:16, and 4:07.  Even that felt too easy.  I think that the issue is a) I still have some past tempo workouts in my mojo, where I held close to that pace for a few miles at a time and b) I'm a track girl at heart.  That old muscle memory of Monday quarters in 70, 68, 66, etc, last one with shirts off of course, is still in there... buried deep, but still in the legs and heart.

Cooled down with a mile and a thankful attitude for being healthy and back on track.