Slow and shaky, post-sick



2 miles early, as slow as I could make myself.  Perfect spring morning, even though I overdressed for the 40 degree temp (I should have just worn t-shirt and shorts!).  I was woozy and wobbly, having been so sick for the past week.  I probably should have rested one more day but I had to get out into the sun.  It was a basic upper respiratory thing, but with that deep killer sore throat that turns into swollen glands and body aches, and then a post-nasal drip and cough.  Man.  It really took the piss out of me, as they say.

Also I was super unhappy to have to bail on a local 5K I'd planned on.  I nearly tried to run it, but surfing Runner's World "should I run when sick" articles I clearly failed all the "above the neck" tests.  And the stuff about straining your heart too much scared me off.  There was no real reason to run the race, I hardly ever do 5Ks.  But I'd signed up and done a basic training cycle for it with the intention of maybe popping a PR and also getting in some speed before the long slog of marathon miles begins.  I thought it could help me with my pace knowledge too, going into the marathon cycle.  Oh well.  There might be a chance for me to fit one in in the next few weeks but if not, not.  

On this morning's run, barely rising to the level of "jog," I jealously eyed all the other runners who had perk and mojo and a nice cadence.  I barely trudged it, in comparison.  And I did that thing where I thought to myself, "once upon a time, a cold like that wouldn't have fazed me"... not helpful at all, especially since the time I'm thinking back to was eons ago when I was a springy college athlete.  Things are different in this 43 year old body now, no lie.  But what I need to remember, what I tried to remember this morning, was that I'm a better runner now than I was back then.  Not faster, but tougher.  

Also in those days I ran mainly because I had to.  Now I run because I want to.