Two athletic feats to ponder

It's been a busy few days of travel, work, and now coming down with a cold.  Blech.  I surreptitiously paid attention to the Boston Marathon yesterday via twitter (in and around teaching my class) and was cheering on Jordan Hasay, Desi Linden, and Galen Rupp - all of whom smoked the race.  Seeing Meb finish was emotional - he is a class act, as everyone knows.  

But here are two athletic endeavors I cannot get my head around because they are both so awesome (and I mean awe in the original sense of the word).  

First, as is well-publicized every year, the Boston Marathon race director Dave McGillivray - as has been his custom for THIRTY YEARS - completed the marathon course at night, long after the race was over and his directing duties finished.

Article here, including video of him finishing in the dark, with Deena and Joan there to put a medal on his neck after he breaks a tape that reads "Dave's Run."

Can you imagine?  An entire marathon after you'd spent the whole day in charge of one?  

Next, think about this.  In the current issue of Outside Magazine, whose cover celebrates women in outdoor roles and sport, I read that Diana Nyad completes 1000 burpees at least once a week, which takes her 2 hours and 50 minutes.  No doubt you think I made a typo there, so check it here.  Can you possibly wrap your mind around that one?  ONE THOUSAND BURPEES.  IN A ROW.  FOR NEARLY THREE HOURS.

What about if I reminded you that Diana Nyad is 68 years old?

Humans are amazing.